Roblox Lua Wiki

Roblox Studio is a tool used by Roblox developers to develop their own playable games

By Default Roblox Studio is in Light Mode.

But you can easily change that by going into Settings>Studio>Theme


That is how most people set up their studios. The bottom window with the wide blue line underneath the grey report button is called the Output window. This is where all errors in your place, including script errors, are shown. To open this window go to the top of the studio and click View. Then click Output.

The Explorer

In the explorer is where everything in your place is shown (except a few hidden objects, such as InsertService and BadgeService. You can't see them, but they exist!). Scripts, bricks, seats, you name it. The explorer window is shown above in the top right corner. To open this window click View. Then click Explorer. All your bricks and seats (along with most of the things in your place) are in what is called the Workspace. Click the plus symbol next to it in the explorer to open the workspace. To edit anything in your place you will need to have the Properties window opens.

The Properties Window

This is where anything in your explorer, that has properties, will be shown. You can edit these properties to change the physical or technical status of the object. Something in the properties window is properties such as Size, Position, BrickColor, Transparency, Reflectance. The changes made in the Properties Window will apply to the object you are editing as soon as you press the Enter button. To view the Properties Window press View -> Properties.

The Output

The output is very important in Roblox Lua scripting, seen at the bottom as a large textbox. To view it, press View -> Output. The output will show any errors and any output from the print function.

The Command Bar

The command bar is also in Roblox Lua scripting, seen below the Output. To view it, press View -> Toolbars -> Command. Any Lua script you put into it will instantly be executed with the normal _G environment. There is also an advantage in using the command bar to run chunks of code and scripts. Most things you cannot do in scripts (such as setting the source of another script) you can do in the command bar. Most security errors will be ignored when using the command bar.

The Diagnostics Menu

This is a rarely used menu. To view it, press View -> Diagnostics. It shows you all of the normally unneeded technical info about your place. Unless you know what it means and how it can help you, I wouldn't recommend you to have it.

Inserting Objects

To insert objects, click on Insert -> Object. From there, click on what you want to insert. Almost everything you need can be found there. One important thing there is the Script. The most important thing in Roblox Studio is now in your place if you insert it. Some objects can only be inserted in certain places. You will find humanoids cannot be inserted in Parts, but they can be inserted i

Your First Lua Script